Children’s House

Our nursery school – consistently child-oriented

A child entrusted to us should feel happy in our care. Each child is given the opportunity to experience autonomy and independence, so that their personalities can develop through play. We offer the child a well-defined and organised environment, which allows them to develop a stable internal structure. This guidance helps them to choose what they want to learn and discover, without constraint.

We also believe it is important to provide the child with optimal conditions for social development. The qualities of appreciation, tolerance, politeness and helpfulness can be developed well in mixed-age groups. We help the  child along the path towards school by providing materials that encourage the joy of learning, and by offering special educational support.

Children aged three to six are welcomed into the children’s house if their place of residence is Frankfurt. Each group consists of around 20 children with an age range spanning four school years. Two members of teaching staff look after the children in an environment where both English and German are spoken.