Content and aims

In Nido and the children’s house

In Nido, children are separated from their closest attachment figures for the first time. We help them to feel secure in a new, stable environment. By working in small groups and using Montessori educational methods, which are entirely child-centred, a relationship of trust is more easily established between child and teacher.

Being part of a group generates new social experiences, allowing children to gain skills that boost their self-esteem. Some children also learn a second language through play.

With the individual support of their teachers, the child explores the world around them. We place particular emphasis on strengthening self-confidence. Skills learnt early on, such as eating, or going to the toilet by themselves, allow the child to develop self-reliance. Later on, they experience further successes, such as tying their shoelaces or preparing a small meal on their own.

We nurture a respectful attitude towards other children and the environment. How do I deal with frustration? How do I behave in a conflict situation? As an adult, working life is team-centred. We believe that the first six years of a child’s life shape the balance between “I” and “You”.


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