Download here: Corona update 2020-08-20

Dear parents,

After a few days of school operations we would like to explain and adapt the regulation on mouth and nose masks at ibms:

As a general rule, the wearing of mouth and nose masks is mandatory in the entire ibms building. This also applies to the entrance and exit areas on the school premises.

In agreement with the ibms teaching staff, we have decided on a stricter interpretation of the requirements of the Hessian Ministry of Education in Primary School (Reception Class and Primary 2-4) and expect all students and teachers to wear the mask at all times in class – i.e. also alone at their desk – with immediate effect. The background to this decision is the duty of care for our students and teachers on the one hand, but also a clear and understandable rule for the children that the mask must always be worn except when eating and drinking. We are aware that this is not always easy, especially for the younger children, and that it is no fun for anyone to wear the mask all day, but here safety before comfort is more important.

At the same time, we abolish the obligation to wear the mask on the outdoor area during sports and during breaks. The permanent exchange of air in the open ground and the only short close encounters between the children reduce the risk of infection and allow the children to breathe freely and move around undisturbed. However, direct physical contact is reduced to the extent necessary for the specific sport and the children remain in their regular learning or training groups.

Against this background, we would ask you to ensure that your children have a sufficient and clean amount of masks available.

In addition, we would like to point out once again the obligation according to the Infection Protection Act that you have an immediate obligation to report any infection with Covid 19 and that after returning from a risk area you may only enter ibms if you can provide a negative test result or if you have spent 14 days in quarantine.

Ihre / your ibms