ibms country house

School-owned premises for development amidst nature

Our own country house for ibms children is set in glorious countryside and is fitted out with a consistent focus on the preferences and needs of the children. Light-filled rooms with large windows mean that the children can engage intensively with projects and workshops over several days.

Monthly workshops, led by two teachers at a time, are part of our school life, though participation is voluntary. Registration takes place at the start of the school year (and during the year if there are any free places). The costs are in addition to the monthly school fees. Our class excursions, which are a compulsory part of our education, are also held in the country house.

The country house lies at the edge of a village in Sinntal, in the heart of the countryside. The site was completely renovated in 2017 and equipped with plenty of equipment for play, movement and social interaction.