The Reception class

For children from 5 – 7 years of age

The reception class serves as link between the Kindergarten and Primary school. The children are generally between the ages of five and seven. The children accepted in the reception class are those who are 5 years old before the 1st of July of the calendar year in question.

They are then enrolled in school and are subject to all requirements of the state of Hessen for children of school age. The reception class is therefore not a pre-school but the first stage of the primary school.

The classes include around 20 children. Each of the groups is led by both an English speaking and a German speaking teacher.

The children are taken care individually, this way it is guaranteed that they fully understand the lesson contents.

The transition to the primary stages takes place once the learning aims are achieved and when it can be expected that the child developed a conscientious work attitude and the study techniques that will be necessary to meet the goals of the primary school.