Download here: Corona update 2020-09-04

Dear parents of ibms,

The recommended measures for dealing with Corona and the mask requirement in particular are subject to constant review.

We observe the development of the infection very closely, weigh up the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, the Health Department and the City of Frankfurt and then decide what to implement at ibms for the benefit of all concerned. Now that the Frankfurt City Parliament has decided not to extend the compulsory wearing of masks in secondary school classes in Frankfurt from Monday, 7 September, we at ibms have decided to also implement this decision.

This means that from next Monday onwards, everyone in the classrooms of the Reception Class and Primary 2-4 will no longer be required to wear masks, but the obligation to wear masks outside the classrooms in the building and in the entrance area of the ibms, as well as all other hygiene rules, will continue to apply. Students who wish to wear a mouth-nose-mask or a faceshields in class can still do so.

We will also follow the recommendation of the City of Frankfurt regarding daily temperature measurement. With the onset of the cold and flu season, daily measurement can facilitate decision-making in the event of illness and relieve all those involved. For this purpose, we have provided the groups and classes at ibms with a non-contact infrared thermometer to measure the children’s temperature in the morning in the group and classrooms. There is no central measurement at the entrance to the school.

The Directive is applied, as is currently also the case in hospitals: If the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, the person should continue to be monitored to see if there are any other symptoms that could indicate COVID 19 infection. If the temperature is 38 degrees or higher, the child or adult should stay at home, get well and get tested if other symptoms appear.

With kind regards

Your ibms